10 Interior Design Tips For Your Home Office

Want a functional yet stylish home office to suit your life? Read on for 10 tips to decorate.

  1. Decide on the things you’ll want easy access to before shopping for a desk or storage. When you decide what you want in your office, then you can find furniture that suits your work habits. This means your desk won’t be overflowing or your shelving bare.\
  2. Certain colors can impact your mood and spur creativity or productivity. Blue hues are known to help people focus while yellow has a reputation for encouraging creative ideas.
  1. A chalkboard paint wall makes for a fun wall calendar or changing to-do list. Alternatively, choose a large picture frame you love hang it, and paint the wall space within it with chalkboard paint.
  2. If your home office accommodates more than one member of the family, differentiate work spaces with unique color schemes.

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