14 Holiday Decorating Tips

Make your home festive this winter with these decorating tips:

  1. Red and green aren’t your only options! Silver, gold, or blue can also be appropriate. Choose a color scheme that works with the interior design of your house.
  2. String the holiday cards you receive up on the wall or attach them to a door with cute washi tape.
  3. Hang a wreath on your front door or in a living area. You can opt for a traditional wreath of greenery or DIY your own. Some crafty wreaths could be made with spray painted pinecones, glass balls, jingle bells, or felt. Felt will work for an outdoor wreath and won’t be ruined in bad weather.
  4. Attach family photos to a metal or wire wreath for a decoration totally unique to your family! Another option for wire wreaths is wrapping a string of lights around them.
  5. Switch out pillow covers, add a few throw pillows, or a new throw blanket to your couch.
  6. Create a candle arrangement by wrapping ribbon or lace around the candles and placing pine-cones or jingle bells around them.
  7. Drape tinsel or evergreen garland around windows, doors, staircases, or shelves. Just be careful or keep it out of reach if your pets are keen to chew on it.
  8. Arrange glass balls in a clear bowl for an elegant centerpiece.
  9. Create an ambience by playing holiday music and using your fireplace if you have one. A crackling fire is inviting on a cold day.
  10. Hang candy canes on your tree or on a tinsel display on the wall.
  11. Attach jingle bells to your front door or pet’s collar to add some musical cheer.
  12. Wrap colorful ribbon around glasses for a winter party.
  13. In addition to your main Christmas tree, decorate another room of the house like the kitchen with a small, artificial tree.
  14. Christmas lights aren’t just for the tree and exterior of the home – wrap them around your banister too.

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